CremainGem Makes Photos and Jewelry with Remains

May 5, 2015 | 0 comments

CremainPhotoI’ve seen lots of options for enshrining cremated remains, but making them into ceramic photo tiles is a new approach I hadn’t seen before. Like other companies, CremainGem can make jewelry with your loved one’s remains, but they can also make a picture with them, a unique keepsake to be sure.

CremainPhoto permanently affixes pictures, art, and/or words onto a CremainGem – a round or square mineral comprised of cremated remains. A new exhibitor at the ICCFA 2015 expo, “Kool” Sujirote explained the process in this video.

CremainGem Novel Products

“The CremainGem represents mind value that provide connectedness, comfort, peace and recollection for the holder,” she explained. “It could assist the healing process during the initial stage of separation by accompanying physical, memorial and spiritual feelings. After grief subsides, the CremainGem reminds us of the precious and limited time that life provides. The story and wisdom values of the loved one can be honored and tangibly passed on to future generations.”

Only a handful of remains, up to eight ounces, is needed to create CremainGems. The company also carries a jewelry line that can hold remains, instead of turning them into CremainGems. It takes six to eight weeks to carry out the gem-making process. They can work with the remains of both people and pets. Learn more at

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