Cool Hot Wheels at NFDA

Nov 4, 2013 | 0 comments

The Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

The Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

There were lots of hearses on display at the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention and expo this year. The more traditional funeral director might go for the very proper and upscale Cadillac and Lincoln hearses and limos.

The cutting edge funeral directors were looking at two very cool hot wheels from the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse Company and Vaca Limousines from Mexico.

The Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

Jack Feather and his friends came up with the idea for combining a carriage hearse coach with a trike motorcycle in 2001 during an alcohol-fueled visit to Bike Week in Daytona, Florida.

He and his friends saw an old-fashioned horse-drawn hearse and thought, “What if…”

The result is a hearse that always, always attracts attention. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly makes a BIG statement and provides a special touch, especially for those who love motorcycles. Jack Feather shows off a few of this vehicle’s special features in this YouTube video.

Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse at NFDA 2013

Vaca Limousines

Vaca manufactures all kinds of limousines and hearses. They claim to be the number one automotive conversion company in Mexico. The car on display looks like a vehicle from the 1930s or 1940s, but it is a brand new automobile. Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, the company will inaugurate its new headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida. Their website is

Vaca Limousines at NFDA 2013
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