Clear View Caskets Offer an Eyeful

Oct 26, 2015 | 0 comments

Clear View CasketOne of the most-discussed expo introductions at the NFDA convention were the see-through acrylic caskets offered by Clear View Caskets. They offered caskets for burial, for rental, for “celebration of life,” and for children (those were not on display at the show).

At their booth, owner and founder Andrea Fernandez pointed out the features of their top-of-the-line celebration of life casket, lined with LED lighting that changed colors.

For families that choose cremation, an ever-increasing percentage of the market, this is a casket that can be rented for a funeral (with built-in viewing, even with a closed casket) prior to the cremation.

The patent-protected casket design has a standard cremation liner that slides out through the drop door at the foot of the casket. After the funeral, the deceased smoothly slides out for its trip to the cremation chamber. Then the casket can be re-used after being sanitized.

“It provides for a full viewing funeral in addition to a comfortable maneuvering for the mortician to slide out the insert and prepare the body for cremation,” explained Ms. Fernandez.

“This is a wonderful piece because it generates income to the funeral home because you can rent it for a significant profit, and people tend to prefer it versus a traditional casket, for its versatile use, its uniqueness and it’s very hygienic. It’s just a wipe-down away from being a new casket all over again.”

Clear View also offers a burial model which meets the requirements of all cemeteries and vaults, which in the video below is supported by clear casket biers illuminated by LED lights which in change color and intensity.

“We make other pieces of furniture designed around the acrylic caskets with the intention to enhance a whole room in the funeral home and have it look contemporary and clean,” said Fernandez.

The company’s website is


Here’s an update on Clear View Caskets, recorded at the 2019 NFDA convention in Chicago, IL:

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