Bronze Statuary from The Garden Gallery

May 18, 2013 | 0 comments

Heron statuesAt the 2013 ICCFA convention and expo, you could see everything for a cemetery: from granite markers to bronze statues; niche walls for cremated remains and vaults for below ground burials; mausoleum architecture and cemetery land use planning.

In this video from the ICCFA expo, Donna Angel with The Garden Gallery shows a lovely collection of bronze statuary for cemeteries that can be uses for cremation scattering areas and cremated remains plots. They also make a lovely accent piece just about anywhere.

This garden art collection of hand crafted bronze statuary, fountains, and home decor pieces is the outcome of their quest for distinctive, yet affordable, landscape and garden accents.

The pieces in The Garden Gallery are made using the centuries old “lost wax” method of bronze casting – still utilized today because of it’s ability to transfer exceptional detail.  It is a multi-step, labor intensive method which requires every piece to be hand detailed and finished.

Watch the video from ICCFA

The Garden Gallery at ICCFA 2013
A Good Goodbye