Artistic Wood Urns at ICCFA

Jun 23, 2013 | 0 comments

Artistic Wood UrnsAt the 2013 ICCFA convention and expo, there were more urns for cremated remains than you would believe.

Wood urns are not as common as urns of metal, ceramic, and other materials.

However, they can be quite beautiful and make a highly personal statement. Their relative scarcity only adds to their cachet.

They are especially appropriate for mausoleums that have glass-fronted cremation niches, where visitors can appreciate the artistry of the urns.

Or, for those who prefer to keep the cremated remains at home, an artistic wood urn can be a beautiful tribute and honored resting place.

The wood creations handmade by Artistic Urns of Acworth, in north Georgia, are beautiful and green-certified by the Green Burial Council. The wood they use for their urns come from cleared storm-damaged trees and tree removals. The wood shavings they generate while creating their work is turned into mulch.

Artistic Urns gives each urn a unique serial number and each is signed by the artist who created it.

In this You Tube video, Chris Crookshank with Artistic Urns talks about his handmade wooden cremation urns, including skull-emblazoned pieces modeled on the catacombs of Paris.

Artistic Urns of Wood at ICCFA 2013

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