Advanced Audio Systems for Funeral Homes

Nov 10, 2016 | 0 comments

Mic and HeadsetWhen you think about engaging the services of a funeral home, the quality of their audio visual systems is probably not top-of-mind. Yet, when the music or the video tribute doesn’t play when it’s supposed to during a memorial service, that can leave a bad impression upon the family when they remember their use of that funeral home.

Chris Runnels, owner of Advanced Audio Systems, has been installing audio and visual systems solely for funeral homes since 1999. Consider the changes we’ve seen during that time – the expansion of the internet, video streaming and webcasts, the digitization of music and the decline of tapes and CDs, and the introduction of smart phones.

When asked what has been the biggest change he’s seen over the years, Runnels said, “Probably the biggest change is personal technology. All of us walk around today with a cell phone in our pocket that’s really a computer. So we’re very used to technology and using this technology in our everyday lives.”

Runnels helps funeral home clients get up to speed with today’s technology. Funeral homes need to be able to respond to requests to incorporate this everyday technology into their funerals. He travels the U.S. installing the technologies that enable funeral homes to fulfill these kinds of requests.

Among the new technologies to consider:

  • Video capture software that can incorporate cell phone videos into tribute videos;
  • Webcasting systems that allow people who live far away to view and participate in a memorial service from a distance;
  • Casket Cam“Casket Cam,” a closed circuit covert camera technology created for the funeral industry. The hidden camera, concealed in the housing of a small fire sprinkler shell, is designed to be discretely mounted on the ceiling over the casket and record any interference with a body during a visitation or funeral.
  • Digitizing a funeral home’s music library and using a wireless remote to control music throughout the funeral home.

Advanced Audio Systems makes sure the installation of new audio visual technology can be achieved while preserving the aesthetics of both new and historic funeral home buildings.

Advanced Audio Systems for Funeral Homes

The company can also provide projection systems, graveside public address systems, funeral service recording, video duplication, video memorials, security systems and many other services.

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