A Visit to LH Design Burial Gown Workshop

Aug 8, 2022 | 0 comments

What goes into the creation of a burial gown? While visiting Atlanta for ICCFA University in July, I got to visit the home workshop of Leon Harris, owner and designer behind LH Design burial garments for women. Go behind the scenes on this video tour.

A Visit to LH Design Burial Gown Workshop

Leon Harris creates spectacular burial gowns for African culture homegoing celebrations. He designs and creates dresses that show the deceased is on her way to a great celebration, as opposed to going to sleep.

In this video, Harris shows the materials he uses to create bejeweled and lacy gowns that all have an opening along the length of the back. This allows a funeral director or mortician to easily dress the deceased. The gown is laid on top of the body, the sleeves slipped over the arms, then the sides of the gown are tucked under the body. This allows every burial garment to fit the deceased perfectly and look fabulous.

Diamond burial gown by LH Design

“Diamond” burial gown by LH Design

“We change the style or the fabric every seven to ten months,” explained Harris. The existing line includes the styles “Lacey,” “Lyntene,” “Harriett,” “Lucille,” “Betty,” and “ChiDora.” His latest offering is “Diamond,” a hand-sewn sheath covered in a combination of rhinestones and Swarovski® crystals.

His dresses are complimented with accessories such as hats, gloves, handkerchiefs, pearls, and scarves, as well as undergarments and stockings. LH Design can also provide casket overlays to match the gown worn by the deceased. LH Design offers “elegant apparel with an everlasting memory.” Learn more at www.lhdesign54.com or call 470-494-1046 for personal assistance.

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