Bodies in the Ganges, Ashes to India

May 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Dealing with Bodies

In India, the coronavirus pandemic is impacting cremation and Hindu practice of scattering ashes in the Ganges River. The Washington Post recently ran a story, “The mystery of the hundreds of bodies found in India’s Ganges River.”

Hindus revere the Ganges River as a sacred source of purity and protection. Burning bodies on the river bank and scattering cremated remains in this river happens all the time. But bodies floating in the river is not kosher. From the article by Pamela Constable:

“The mystery surrounding the bodies has not been solved, nor is it known how many were infected with the coronavirus. But many believe that families resorted to extreme measures because they could not afford to have their relatives cremated — a rite that once cost about $70 here but has skyrocketed to $400 since late last month, locals say, when a second wave of the virus struck India like a thunderbolt….”

“The horrifying images of floating and half-buried corpses spurred government officials to action. Patrol boats have been sent up and down the Ganges, which meanders for 1,500 miles across northern India. Local and state authorities have established networks of free cremation sites, where firewood and priests are available to grieving families at no charge.”


Want Ashes Scattered in India?Village in India

I recently did an interview with Bimal Arora, founder of, which means Hindu custom or tradition. Hindupratha facilitates transporting cremated remains to India for scattering in the Ganges River with the proper rituals.

Arora is also working on expanding his services to scatter cremated remains for people of any faith in India. In this interview, we discuss ash immersions in the Ganges River at Haridwar, and in the Himalaya mountains.

One new spot they are exploring to offer scattering is in a village called Kaser Devi near a town called Almora In Kumaon region of the Shivalik Range. It’s known for Crank’s Ridge, just outside the village. This village is of special importance because the region around this place has an enormous geomagnetic field, the Van Allen Belt. Two other famous places that have similar highly magnetic fields are Machu Picchu in Peru and Stonehenge in England. Due to the geomagnetic field in the region, one experiences peace and tranquility.

Interview with Bimal Arora

Listen to this 10-minute interview with Gail Rubin and Bimal Arora, founder of and a new service for scattering cremated remains for non-Hindus.

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