An Afikomen Song for Passover

Apr 13, 2014 | 0 comments

Passover starts tomorrow night, and here at the Rubin-Bleicher household, we are getting ready to have 17 people come for the seder and dinner. Why is this night different from all other nights? Don’t ask! (How often do you have so many people come to dinner, plus cleaning out leavened food products and making special dishes for the seder?)

MatzohSinging is a big part of the seder, and there are a number of songs written to the tune of songs in Broadway musicals. In 2000 (can it really be 14 years ago?), I wrote a song for Passover about the afikomen, the piece of matzoh that is eaten last as dessert. Feel free to incorporate it into your post-Passover meal singing!

Afikomen!    (sung to the tune of Oklahoma!)


It’s the matzoh hidden round the bend

When of this we eat

Our meal’s complete

Although we hate to see it end…


For tonight we do all that we can

To dip and eat

The bitter and sweet

Next year let’s do it all again!

We know we belong to the tribe

And the tribe we belong to is wide

And when we knew…. yah!

It’s great to be a Jew…. yah!

Our wandering’s over

Here’s the dessert that we’ve searched for

Afikomen‘s O-K -A-F-I-K-O-M-E-N


Lyrics by Gail Rubin © 2000

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