On The Doyenne of Death® Podcast: Physical Impacts of Grief

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Did you know grief affects our bodies? However, when people go to grief counselors, chances are they just focus on their thoughts and feelings. Dr. Diane Polasky, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and certified death educator, joins host Gail Rubin on The Doyenne of Death® Podcast to discuss these issues.

Stomach pain, shortness of breath, tension, sleeplessness or sleepiness: grief can affect us physically in many ways.  Don’t overlook the physical impacts of grief! Emotions are meant to be expressed. Repressed emotions can generate chronic physical pain and disabilities.

Dr. Diane Polasky

Dr. Diane Polasky

Grief and Your Body

What can we do? These topics are covered over two 30-minute episodes:

  • The differences between grief over anticipated death versus traumatic deaths
  • What parts of the body are especially affected by grief
  • The role ritual plays in processing grief
  • Why children should be allowed to attend funerals
  • What services can help people experiencing the dying process
  • How we can make the most of living by recognizing we will die.

Dr. Polasky has degrees in psychology and religion, and became licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in 1987. She is also a certified Death Educator and Grief Counselor and a trainer in Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care (EPEC), a program developed by the AMA. Her website is www.DrDianePolasky.com.

Listen to Part One of the conversation about grief and physical impacts on The Doyenne of Death® Podcast.

Part Two of the conversation about grief and physical impacts on The Doyenne of Death® Podcast.

You can also listen through these YouTube videos: Part One and Part Two.

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A Good Goodbye TV: Grief and Your Body

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