Memorial Options for Pets

Nov 20, 2009 | 0 comments

Many service providers have developed to address a need for memorializing deceased pets. You can find more products and services to honor your deceased pet than you thought possible by searching online for “pet memorials.”

There are memorial stones and markers for pet graves, garden statuary, urns of ceramic, stone, wood, cloisonne, metal, and other materials for display. You can get beautiful biodegradable urns of paper, fabric, hemp, or wood for burial in earth or water. You can get paw or nose imprints of your pet, and turn them into plaques or jewelry. Turn bits of your pet’s cremated remains into gemstones, or obtain clips of fur or feathers. Special picture frames can enshrine your pet’s memory. You can even make bookmarks with your pet’s image.

However you choose to pay tribute your pet, remember that it’s not what you buy, but the feeling that you hold in your heart that truly matters.


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