Five Tips About Eco-Friendly Pet Cremation You Need to Know NOW

Jan 25, 2018 | 2 comments

Adoring Pet logoThere’s never a convenient time for a pet to die. But according Phillip Vallelunga from Adoring Pet Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Fraser, Michigan, pet owners can take these key steps to ease the pain of saying goodbye to a beloved dog, cat or other companion animal.

1. Pets are part of the family. Just like our human relatives, pets deserve a dignified and personalized memorial service. This recognition can help process the intense grief pet lovers often experience.

2. Pets can be buried or cremated. During cold winters in places like Michigan, immediate burial becomes problematic. If a pet owner chooses cremation, check if your pet is cremated individually, not in a group. This way, you know the returned remains are only those of your beloved pet.

3. Pets can be cremated with a gentle eco-friendly method. Adoring Pet has the first Green Cremation (commonly referred to as alkaline hydrolysis) service for pets in Michigan. This method combines a warm water bath with alkali to accelerate the natural decomposition process to bone remains. These are returned to the pet parent. There’s no release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, and this new method uses a fraction of energy required in flame cremation.

4. Memorialization helps heal hurting hearts. Whether buried, cremated by fire, or by eco-friendly Green Cremation, honor the memory of your pet with a nice photo in a special place. Allow yourself time and space to mourn and remember.

5. Get professional help if you need it. The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement offers a wealth of help for pet owners nationwide at their website,

Established in 2009, Adoring Pet Funeral Home & Cremation Services ( is the first to offer Green Cremation services in the metro Detroit area. The staff has a combined 60+ years of service as funeral professionals.

Phillip Vallelunga, manager of Adoring Pet, personally knows the pain of losing a pet. He currently has a black lab, Scout, and a cat, Tommy. For more information or to arrange an interview, call him at (586) 879-6469.

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