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Mar 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Dog and catThe market for pet funerals, cremations, and burial is characterized as the fastest-growing segment of the US funeral industry. In a recent report by the Pet Loss Professionals Association, as many as 1.9 million pets were mourned with a funeral service – with the vast number of those pets being cremated.

EternityGardens.com, a technology platform that connects cremation families with cemeteries and scattering services where they can lay to rest cremated remains, has expanded its search options to include Pets.

Families may now use the EternityGardens.com platform to search for cemeteries and scattering services that will lay to rest the remains of family pets.

In addition to Pets, the EternityGardens.com platform allows families to search on as many as 40 criteria to find the cemetery or scattering service closest to their needs and preferences. Whether families are looking for a certain type of interment option (traditional, in-ground burial or eco-friendly options), a certain community (a Religious community or a Veterans community), or options tied to locations like the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, the EternityGardens.com platform allows them to easily find a location or service provider that meets their needs and connects them for more information.

“We realize that pets are members of the family, too,” said Darrell Hill, Founder+CEO of EternityGardens.com. “Just as more families are choosing cremation, more families are choosing meaningful and distinct end-of-life celebrations for pets. By expanding our platform to include pets, we make it easier for families, once they are ready, to find the perfect place for their pet to spend eternity. It also creates an opportunity for our listing partners to be of service to those families once they are ready to bury or scatter their pet.”

While several states are examining the question of whether pet remains may be interred directly with human remains or at a cemetery that also inters human remains, most cemeteries and scattering services on the EternityGardens.com platform do offer an option to lay to rest the remains of pets. “In the case of both human and pet cremated remains, families deserve an easy way to search for, locate, and connect with a Family Service Counselor who can guide them to lay those remains to rest,” said Hill.

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