Obituary as One Act Play: Shannon L. Marshall

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Obituary as Play Script

This creative obituary for actress Shannon Marshall shares her life story as a play script. It shares her passions in life and names the people who were special to her. Bravo to whoever wrote this obituary!


Shannon Marshall

Shannon L. Marshall

An Obituary in One Act for SHANNON L. MARSHALL

SCENE: Two figures stand together behind a veil of ethereal, wispy clouds. A woman is dressed in a beautiful white gown with a shawl of rainbow colors, the other woman in a simple white gown. The veil of clouds lifts as the scene opens.

GOD: Welcome home, dear Shannon.

SHANNON: Is this heaven?

GOD: Yes my child. You have many people here looking forward to seeing you. Your father Robert, mother Jean, grandparents, aunts and uncles, nephew Eddie, step-mother Jean and many others.

SHANNON: When can I see them?

GOD: Well, first, we have to do our intake, you know, review the ledger balance if you will.

SHANNON: Oh dear Lor.. um.. dear me.

GOD: (brings forth large 3-ring binder) Well let’s pick up when you were President of the regional youth council for the Disciples of Christ Church. Um, it appears that you left due to a bit of cannabis?

SHANNON: Well, I did grow up in New Mexico in the seventies.

GOD: Actually, I am hoping to myself that the legislature legalizes the good herb this year, so we’ll just call this one even.

Next we have a thick chapter about your early acting career in Albuquerque. Quite a lot in here, but I see you actually played me once, in Dance with the Prime Mover. Perhaps some blasphemous parts in there, but you get extra points since you got such great reviews. And then what do you have to say about the production of Equus, where you hired protestors to picket your own show to protest against the nudity?

SHANNON: (smiles mischievously) That did help sell out the show.

GOD: Hmmm, I suppose that’s all in good fun. And then later in Flint where you directed and produced Children of a Lesser God with the Michigan School for the Deaf. You certainly earned points on the plus side of the ledger for that important production. Due to the merits of that play I think we can overlook some shenanigans with Stephanie.

SHANNON: You can see everything, right?

GOD: Yes, let’s just keep moving and open the thickest chapter, “Shannon with Liz, Suki and other girlfriends”

SHANNON: (eyes wide) Oy vey, are you sure you really want to see everything?

GOD: (raises one eyebrow) Yes, Shannon, but let’s just dig in. Certainly some, um, colorful stories in this chapter. I think I can address some of these when I see Suki and Liz- some serious good deeds will be required from the three of you to even the scales a bit, but I actually want to recognize what you did for your friends and their families. Many times, you were their rock of refuge during times of crisis, and you should know they are all eternally grateful for your love and care.

Now let’s take a look at this important chapter with your husband, Geoff. You had many adventures in those years, more than many people have in lifetimes. You each knew this wasn’t your first life together, and I suspect this won’t be the last. Geoff wants you to know that he loves you still, and that he is sorry.

SHANNON: We loved greatly.

GOD: There are many hearts on earth that miss you deeply. Brother John, brother Bob and wife Susan, and their children Jennifer and her husband Jim, Robert Marshall III and his wife Emily, Ulysses, Suzzann and her husband Randy, step-siblings Kimber and Devin, godson Rafael, Michaella and your husband Geoff

(places hand on Shannon’s head) Shannon, your place in heaven is now secured, your pains washed away, your sorrows lifted. Please come now to see those who await. Oh, and when you get to the eternal all-you-can-eat buffet, you’ll find that some of the most popular dishes are your recipes. It’s in my authority to steal them.


A memorial service for Shannon will be held on Thursday, January 14th at 2:00pm, streaming via YouTube, with Rev. Dawn Rosignol of Monte Vista Christian Church ( The family asks for support of the Roadrunner Food Bank,, in honor of Shannon’s service to others.

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