An Obituary Through the Eyes of Grandchildren

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Here is a unique obituary for Lloyd Bert Garcia, created by his grandchildren offering their fondest recollections of him. The photo is a drawing created by his granddaughter Evie. This was published in the Albuquerque Journal on January 17, 2021.
Lloyd Bert Garcia drawing

Drawing of Lloyd Garcia by granddaughter Evie

Seven grandchildren remembering their beloved Papa who passed away on January 16, 2020


I loved that my Papa was always willing to drop whatever he was doing to help with whatever I needed. He was also patient with me and helped correct mistakes I made. He was energetic and passionate about sports, his hobbies and especially his grandchildren. I loved him so much!


I remember that my Papa was extremely passionate when it came to sports. For example, I remember I was playing in a soccer game and he was yelling so much that the referee refused to ref the rest of the game. To be fair to Papa, the ref was making some pretty terrible calls. So in that way Papa always had mine and my team’s back, no matter what! That’s what I will always remember about him.


I miss you Papa… I wish I could see you and spend one more day with you!


My Papa was one of the best guys I knew. When he walked into room you noticed him. He was super funny and had a goofy laugh. One of my most memorable moments of him is when we would watch football, he would constantly yell at the refs for bad calls. I also remember when we had sleepovers he would wake up super early to go officiate at track meets. I remember him bringing us stuff for those meets, lanyards to backpacks, he got it all! When I was little I remember him always cheering us up to playing with us even if it was with care bears or dolls. I have so many more memories, too many to write!


My favorite thing about my Papa was how he would always laugh at a joke even if it wasn’t funny! That’s what I love most about Papa.


I loved having sleepovers with my Papa. We would always eat lots of snacks and watch movies. He spoiled me a lot and I love him.


I loved that I called my Papa, Mr. Potato Head! He was always nice to me. He was my buddy.

What would the children in your life say about you in your obituary?

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