Mortality Minute Video: Jewish Burial = Green Burial

Jan 6, 2016 | 0 comments

Jewish headstones blurredWant to engage your audience’s curiosity about end-of-life issues? Mortality Minute radio spots are now available as online video spots, branded for the sponsoring organization!

Funeral service or cremation providers, cemeteries, estate planning attorneys, hospices, and insurance agencies can all benefit from investments in these short, informational videos. Each 60 second spot expands to 90 seconds with the introduction and follow-up mention of your business.

For example, here’s a Mortality Minute about how Jewish burial traditions equate to green burial, even in a conventional cemetery.

This spot was produced for Waldman Funeral Care in Houston, Texas. The text of the video’s script follows.

Jewish Green Burial Mortality Minute

This Jewish Mortality Minute is brought to you by Waldman Funeral Care: Extraordinary Service. Compassionate Care.

Hi, I’m Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death, with today’s Mortality Minute.

Did you know Jewish burial is naturally green burial?

Before the funeral, the body is refrigerated instead of embalmed, avoiding chemicals that pollute the ground. The deceased is gently washed and dressed in white cotton or linen garments, which biodegrade naturally. Kosher caskets are made of soft pine or poplar wood, with no metal parts – totally biodegradable.

The casket is put in contact with the ground, even in conventional cemeteries. The body, the clothing and the casket all biodegrade into the earth at the same rate.

Members of the Tribe have been doing it this way for thousands of years. You’ll find variations of this burial rite used today in Houston Jewish cemeteries.

Remember, talking about sex won’t make you pregnant; talking about funerals won’t make you dead. Start a conversation and have the Talk of a Lifetime with someone you know today.

This Mortality Minute was brought to you by Waldman Funeral Care: Extraordinary Service. Compassionate Care. To learn more, visit

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