Memorial Display Items

Jan 28, 2010 | 0 comments

Our stuff is a reflection of our lives, and a well put-together tabletop display of items can tell volumes about the person. The display can be assembled at a number of venues – at visitations at a funeral home, at the memorial service, either in the service or at a reception, and at home while receiving visitors.

Include any items that have meaning and can lead to storytelling. For example, my husband and I put out these items at the reception after his father’s funeral: a photo portrait of his dad, a cartoon of Dad recording dog sounds, a small set of trains, a gilded rose, plaques that honored his contributions to education, a Lipton tea bag, and pictures of the family through the years.

I’ve seen memorial displays that included woodworking tools, artwork and jewelry made by the deceased, books, flowers, and even entire outfits on mannequins. There’s a limitless range of items that can be included. Look for items frequently used by the person, things they made themselves, or expressed their varied interests.

When funeral planning, consider bringing the display to the place the service will be held. If the reception will be held in a different place, move the items and set up the display so attendees can further peruse the items that were meaningful in the life of your loved one.

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