Glenn Morshower on Life, Death and Living Fully

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Glenn Morshower has never been a military officer, an FBI agent or a policeman… but as an actor, he plays them on TV and film. Through his long and fulfilling career, he may be best known for his role as Agent Aaron Pierce on the TV series “24″ from 2001 to 2009.

Gail Rubin and Glenn Morshower

Gail Rubin and Glenn Morshower

Morshower spoke recently at Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing BootCamp. I had seen him speak at this event back in March. Then as now, he rocked the house with some mind-bending thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

We met after his talk and I asked him if I could write about some of his thoughts. He said yes, and even shared his notes on other tips that he wanted to offer.

Here are some of his quotes that jumped out and begged to be shared.

“You’re either celebrating life or you’re enduring it.”

“It’s time to use your gifts, ’cause it’s later than you think.”

“Age is age spots, wrinkles and ultimately death. Age doesn’t make you wise. Paying attention makes you wise.”

“Life isn’t difficult. We make it that way.”

“Your body is your trophy. It’s the only one you’ve got for this lifetime. Take care of your trophy.”

“The level of respect you show yourself broadcasts how you want to be treated.”

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower speaking

“Life is a good gig.”

He suggests answering creatively when people ask how you are: “I’m rapidly approaching the vicinity of dandy-hood.” “If it gets any better I’m going to have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.”

Regarding the pursuit of happiness: “Pursuing is not having. Having is the game plan all along. Stop pursuing and start claiming your dreams. It’s your divine right.”

He told an entertaining story about meeting a hotel goldfish he named Gil, and listening to internal whispers that prompted him to widen Gil’s world beyond the fish bowl. He put the fish in the bathtub, yet Gil stayed swimming within the circumference of his fish bowl – until the fourth day, when he started swimming the length of the tub – and Morshower joined him!

The lesson learned: “Aren’t we the same way? Live in the enormity that’s available to you. It’s okay.”

A few other tips:

  • Don’t worry about fitting in, because that’s how new things are created. Think in different categories.
  • Love with all your might.
  • Do something new every week.
  • Be generous with your time, your money, your thoughtfulness.
  • Drink more water. You are 72% water. You are a brilliant piece of machinery and you need it.
  • Follow the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Know that for every choice there is a consequence – cause and effect.
  • Trust your instincts. They are your whispers, your road map and your protection.
  • Value your personal peace above all else.
  • See yourself as a new creature every day.
  • Stay focused on what you want most.

Morshower had many great thought-provoking things to say about life and death. I gave him a copy of A Good Goodbye as a memento of our evening together. You can learn more about him and his seminar The Extra Mile at his website,

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