Gail Rubin - Live Long and Prosper

Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death, says, “Live long and prosper!”

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Article: Jewish Funeral, Burial and Mourning Traditions

Six Questions to Ask Yourself

50 Things for Jews to do When a Death Occurs

Viddui Prayer

Song of Songs Tahara Readings

Tahara script

Movie list and talk handout

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You can listen to an interview about Jewish funeral traditions with David Zinner, founder of Kavod v’Nichum, a national organization that trains local Chevrah Kaddisha groups. It was recorded on A Good Goodbye Radio on July 31, 2013. Contact if you’d like free access to that MP3 file.

Interested in more information about Jewish funeral traditions? You can get a DVD of Gail’s one-hour presentation “Jewish Funeral Traditions and Superstitions,” recorded February, 2014 at A Taste of Honey, the annual education event at the Greater Albuquerque Jewish Community Center. (MORE INFORMATION) It’s only $24.99 plus shipping. Click here to order.

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Know an organization that would like to have Gail Rubin come and speak or make one of her “funny films” presentations? CLICK HERE to download a description of film clip presentations and contact information.

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