Funny Video – The i-Shiva App

Oct 7, 2015 | 0 comments

iShiva appAny one who has gone to a house where Jewish mourners are sitting shiva (or shivah) after a funeral know there’s usually a lot of food there. Sometimes, many people with tenuous connections to the deceased come to the house. Here’s a funny video that puts the two together for great comic effect.

After giving my talk, Jewish Funeral Traditions on Film, at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville, Maryland, a congregant in attendance told me about this funny video for the i-Shiva app. This is not a real app, but the humor is solid!

The narrator in this less than three minute video starts out:

“Are you down on your luck, hungry and homeless, but have a smart phone? Are you a foodie in search of your next great meal? …. Are you totally stoned and have the munchies? Then i-Shiva is the app for you.”

Jews and food – what more do you need to say? I love the disclaimer at the end that says, “i-Shiva not valid in Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana or the Dakotas.” There aren’t as many Jews there as in, say, New York, California or Illinois.

i-Shiva Commercial

BTW, the congregant who told me about this video said of my talk, “Excellent presentation this morning.  Held my interest and I can be fidgety.”

Congratulations to Nathan Firer, the creator of this video. In the description of the video he wrote, “As a Jew, I made this i-Shiva video in honor of my father, Noah Firer, the mensch of mensches who lost a battle with cancer last year. This video is the first comical thought I had during the infinite darkness following his death. I-shiva is not meant to offend or disrespect, but to uphold the longstanding Jewish tradition of turning tragedy into comedy.”

A Good Goodbye