Articles on Funeral Planning

Jul 9, 2010 | 0 comments

Just posted two articles on funeral planning over at my other web site, They are:

Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan To Die

In America, death is often regarded as the classic Monty Python routine about the Spanish Inquisition. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapons are fear, surprise, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.”

Despite the fact that humans have a 100% mortality rate, we don’t expect to die. If you don’t expect to die, you’re unlikely to pre-plan a funeral. And that leads to problems like family discord, higher costs, meaningless rituals, and unnecessary stress added to grief.


And this article:

Save an Arm and a Leg – Pre-Plan to Reduce Funeral Costs

Making funeral arrangements under the duress of grief is akin to buying a car in one afternoon without research because the auto you’ve been driving for years suddenly dies. Buyer’s remorse can set in as soon as you drive off the lot and wonder if you paid too much.

When you shop around before someone dies, with the luxury of time, you can get the best deal possible on products and services. Once you have a dead body on your hands, you are not in a position, emotionally or time-wise, to shop around.


Hope you’ll check them out!

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