Healthy Living After Loss Free Teleseminar

Nov 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Wise Widow Audrey Pellicano

Audrey Pellicano, R.N. M.S.

Grief recovery specialist Audrey Pellicano with Wise Widow shared some great insights about grief and healing on A Good Goodbye Radio in September. Click here to download the podcast.

This Monday, November 4th at 7pm ET, she is presenting a free one–hour tele-class on Healthy Living After Loss. She just returned from presenting this information at a program in Toronto and has presented this information many times. Every time the audience response is, “I so needed to hear this.”

She draws from not only her own personal experience of loss and healing, but also from the volumes of scientific evidence on how the immune system is compromised for years after the experience of personal loss and grief.

She teaches the many lifelong benefits of yoga, meditation, guided visualization and self-love with an emphasis on immune boosting nutrition for healing the mind and the body.

During this hour-long tele-seminar, she offers tools that can be implemented easily and immediately into daily life. Visit Audrey’s website at

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