6 Celebration Of Life Ideas For Your Senior Loved Ones

Jun 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Girl and Senior Loved One with cardBirthdays are for loved ones, friends, and family members who are still living. A celebration of life, on the other hand, honors the life of a senior loved one who has died. Unlike a memorial or funeral service that’s more structured, a celebration of life is less formal and more casual in nature. It’s a joyful occasion to focus on their lives and accomplishments.

If you’re looking for different ways to honor and remember a dearly beloved senior, the good news is you have many options. You can recognize their well-lived lives online through social media platforms, like here at https://waywiser.life, Plus, here are six brilliant, no-fail ideas:

Uphold Family Traditions

Family traditions don’t have to be anything grand. There are many simple traditions that are just as impactful to ensure you are able to successfully celebrate the life of aging loved ones who have departed this world.

For example, every year on their birthday, you can visit the cemetery as a family to bring that loved one’s favorite cake or flowers. Or, if time and your budget permits, you can throw a party to celebrate their birthday in the way they would’ve chosen to, had they still been alive.

Plant A Tree In Your Senior Loved One’s Name

Here’s something that will impact your family for a very long time: plant a tree in your loved one’s name. As the years go by, the tree will grow. In due time, the future generations can spend time there and gather to remember your senior loved ones on their birthday or death anniversary.

You can make it more memorable by planting the tree in one of their favorite places. When you do that, it’s as if your loved one is still there, right in the place they loved so dearly.

Play Their Favorite Music

During a celebration of life gathering, make it more enjoyable by playing their favorite music. Just imagine them singing or dancing to those tunes they once loved so dearly. It may just take you back to fun and special memories of the past. 

Before the celebration of life itself, you can always start by creating a playlist of all their favorite songs. To create a comprehensive music list, ask for ideas from your senior loved ones’ other friends for more song ideas.

Experience Their Favorite Things

Kissing Grandma Senior Loved OneDid your dear grandfather love shooting when he was younger?  Did your grandmother who raised you adore baking?  Put yourself in the shoes of your senior loved ones and try the things they used to love doing. It can give you a whole new perspective about them, and, perhaps you can better understand why they’ve loved those hobbies so dearly. 

When you try out doing the things your loved ones used to enjoy doing, you’re not just remembering them. You’re also preserving hobbies or habits that could be passed on from one generation to the next.

Create And Play Memorial Videos

In addition to songs, you can also play videos with a compilation of clips and images from when your loved one was alive. Piece together footage and curate a tribute to play during your family gathering.

Chances are you’ll have conversations covering topics of those memories, with a healthy mix of laughter and tears. It’s not just about honoring or remembering those memories with your loved ones. It’s also about giving younger generations a glimpse of the life and history of your family.

Wear Your Senior Loved One’s Jewelry Pieces

If you’ve had the privilege of being given some of your loved one’s old jewelry pieces, wear them during their special day. Take very good care of those pieces, so that they last. You can pass them on to future generations, so the life and legacy of your dearly departed family members will always be remembered.


Losing a loved one is never easy. There’s that period of grief and pain over the thought of never being able to see that loved one physically again. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re going to forget about them. You can remember their life and their legacy through various means, including a celebration of life. This is something you can do in many ways, starting with these memorable and fun ideas.

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