Survey Says Most People Don’t Plan to Die

May 17, 2010 | 0 comments

Interesting news today from Based on a survey the company conducted as part of its Death and Taxes Sweepstakes during the month of April, most people aren’t doing funeral planning. Guess they just don’t plan to die. Here’s more information:

How much do consumers really know about funeral planning? According to, not enough. That’s the conclusion suggested by a fascinating new study released this week that shows consumers are reluctant to pre-plan funerals or express their final wishes.

The survey polled 2,647 people who entered the company’s Death and Taxes Sweepstakes during the month of April. Nearly 3,000 adults entered the sweepstakes. They were asked whether they had made funeral plans, intended to pre-plan, purchased cemetery space, wanted their parents to pre-plan, and if the family knows their final wishes.

“What’s most surprising are the results we didn’t expect,” said Funeralwise co-founder Rick Paskin. “For example, when those who have already purchased cemetery spaces were asked if they also intended to pre-plan their funeral, only 12% of those people intended to pre-plan. And only 17% of respondents had purchased cemetery spaces.”

Some of the more surprising revelations of the survey include:

  • 46% – less than half – say their family knows their final wishes.
  • 24% intend to pre-plan their funeral.
  • 23% do not intend to pre-plan their funeral, and only 17% of these people say that their family knows their final wishes.
  • 21% have already made funeral plans, and 29% of these people have already purchased cemetery spaces.

What does this mean? Far fewer people than previously thought are inclined to pre-plan their funerals. “This really shows that people need information on funeral planning, especially when making decisions that could cost them a lot of money during a time of grief,” said Paskin. provides free, do-it-yourself funeral planning via its website, as well as extensive information on funeral-related subjects including funeral customs, funeral etiquette, and grief support. Visitors to the site can subscribe to its “Word to the Wise” series of free guides at

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