Odds and Ends: Funeral and Death News

Jul 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Here’s the latest collection of odds and ends of funeral and death related news stories.

Daily Mail (U.K.)

Private investigator turned ‘Coffin Confessor’ who gets paid to gatecrash funerals at the request of the dead reveals how his new job has taken a ‘really bizarre’ turn. You can’t make this stuff up – it happens in real life. Read the full story here.

New York Times

Boom Time for Death Planning: The coronavirus pandemic has drawn new business to start-ups that provide end-of-life services, from estate planning to a final tweet. “Death and dying is possibly the least niche market out there,” said Liz Eddy, co-founder of Lantern.

Click on the skull to read the full story.


Daily Record (U.K.)

Dumfries funeral boss predicts mourners may never see return of packed services. Funeral director Mark Jardine reckons more intimate services for smaller groups of loved ones are a better way of paying tribute. Read the full story here.

New York Times

Two more stories! 8 Tips for Writing a Thoughtful Condolence Note is incredibly helpful. Did you know that some of history’s greatest writers sucked at condolence notes? You can do better!

And don’t miss this story about the celebrated writer Dorothy Parker and her wandering cremated remains. Her ashes were interred in a memorial garden behind the NAACP headquarters in Baltimore. With the organization’s upcoming move to Washington, D.C., what happens to her ashes? She already spent years in a filing drawer in an attorney’s office. Click the photo for the full story.


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