Create A Great Funeral Day

Oct 15, 2009 | 1 comment

Who knew there was such a thing as Create A Great Funeral Day? It’s October 30, and this year is the 10th annual observance. It’s not a trick or a treat, but it’s inevitable. Got any plans?

It was started by Stephanie West Allen, a lawyer who wrote “Creating Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service: A Workbook.” She is a strong advocate for people planning their own funerals or memorials, and she teaches seminars on creating farewell services. logoMy friends at have taken the day to heart and are encouraging Americans to use the Quick Plan feature at their web site to easily tackle this vital task within five minutes online.

“ Funeral planning is much like planning a wedding,” says Funeralwise co-founder Larry Anspach. “It has many of the same elements, only it is a celebration of a life past instead of two lives going forward. Our Quick Plan is like the wedding engagement, when you make the most important decisions, and the details follow at a later time.”

“Considering that relatively few people have funeral plans and most do not discuss their funeral preferences with family members, even a basic plan is a great funeral plan,” says co-founder Rick Paskin. “With the Quick Plan, you make several key choices concerning your funeral arrangements. In a matter of minutes, you complete the most important elements of a funeral plan and get a funeral cost range. That’s a great step forward for most people.”

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