Body on the Balcony

Oct 18, 2009 | 0 comments

Appropriate to the building anticipation of Halloween, today’s New York Times has a story headlined “Body Is Mistaken for a Halloween Display.”

It seems a man may have committed suicide on the balcony of his apartment in Marina del Rey, CA, and his body was slumped on his patio furniture undisturbed for five days. He had been shot through the eye.

A neighbor, Austin Raishbrook, said, “It looked like somebody had thrown a dummy over the back of a chair.” Another neighbor, Victoria Sepe, said that the most pressing security matters in the area are usually “seals jumping on the docks and making too much noise… This is a little creepy.”

I’ve noticed bodies on porches and balconies here in Albuquerque in preparation for Halloween. One looked like Frankenstein. One would hope they are not actual expired humans.

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