Stop for Funeral Cortege Says Dear Abby

Apr 11, 2011 | 0 comments

Today’s Dear Abby column looks at the etiquette of stopping for a funeral procession.

A reader asks: For years I have wondered about this every time I have gone to a funeral and have ridden in the procession to the cemetery.

As the procession travels to the cemetery, all cars and trucks pull over and stop. That custom strikes me as very touching. I was in another procession last week, and even the UPS truck and several semis pulled over.

My question is, is this a custom only in southern Indiana where I live, or does everyone do this? — WONDERING NEAR INDIANAPOLIS

Hearse at Hyer Cemetery

Hearse at Hyer Cemetery

DEAR WONDERING: According to Emily Post, this consideration should be accorded regardless of where people live. She writes: “If you encounter a funeral cortege (signaled by a line of cars with headlights or flashing hazard lights on), it’s respectful to pull over to the side of the street until the cars have passed. Waiting at a green light while a cortege passes is also expected, even if someone behind you is honking to proceed.”

For additional information on rules related to funeral processions, visit‘s excellent website.

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