Casket Lowering in a Conventional Cemetery Burial

Sep 27, 2022 | 0 comments

How is a casket is lowered into the grave in a conventional cemetery burial? Watch this video.

Casket Lowering in a Conventional Cemetery Burial

A team of two workers for the cemetery remove the supports under the casket, allowing the weight of the casket to be supported by the green lowering straps. The metal framework around the grave has poles that rotate, allowing the straps to extend downward, lowering the casket into the grave.

Once the casket touches the earth, the straps are pulled out from underneath and rewound on the poles. The team removes the metal framework before the completion of the funeral service.

This example is typical of burial in a conventional cemetery. In a green burial, often individuals with hand-held ropes or straps lower biodegradable caskets into a shallower grave in a green or hybrid cemetery. There is often more hands-on involvement by the family in a green burial setting.

Do Your Homework

The functions of the funeral home and funeral director are separate from the work of the cemetery. Very often, a funeral and burial are done by two separate companies. Many folks who choose burial don’t know that both the funeral home and the cemetery will charge separately for their services, and the total can add up to much more than a family anticipates.

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