Youngest Female Funeral Director in Colorado

Mar 11, 2013 | 0 comments

At Frozen Dead Guy Days, I met the youngest licensed female funeral director in Colorado. Marika McMeans, at 22 years old, is a fresh face in the funeral business with wonderful insights.

She went to mortuary school at Arapaho Community College in Littleton, Colorado. She started working with Carroll-Lewellen Funeral Home in Longmont last summer.

One of Carroll-Lewellen’s interesting community outreach activities is they’ve held scary funeral movie nights at the funeral home. They’ve done this on the past few Friday the 13th dates. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many Friday the 13th dates on the calendar. They may do some fun funeral films in the future.

If you are open to watching funeral themed movies at a funeral home, families are welcome to attend! Check with Carroll-Lewellen Funeral Home for their next film event by calling 303-776-4477.

Here’s a brief interview I did with Marika McMeans about her work in the funeral business.

Youngest Female Funeral Director in Colorado
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