World’s Fastest Motorcycle Hearse

May 31, 2013 | 0 comments

For those in a hurry to get to their final destination, here’s a video of a record-setting speed run by a motorcycle hearse.

Paul Sinclair rode this Suzuki Hayabusa hearse west-east at 126.6mph and east-west at 124.8mph. For the official world record the average of 125.7mph at the one mile mark is used. 19th May 2013.

Paul did go faster over the one and a quarter mile, but the official record is only to one mile.

World Record Fastest Motorcycle Hearse 126.6mph - Suzuki Hayabusa sidecar hearse - Guinness

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t go so fast with a body in a hearse. Well, folks who like riding motorcycles have a different attitude about speed. Rock on!

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