Remembrance Bracelets

Dec 20, 2009 | 1 comment

I attended a funeral on Friday – actually I tried to attend a funeral on Friday, but wound up going to the wrong funeral home chapel. The friend who sent me information about a mutual friend’s mother who died had put the wrong address in her note. I got to the correct chapel across town just as they finished.

But the trip was not in vain. I did extend my condolences to the family and signed the guest book. On the way out, the funeral director was offering a basket of multi-colored rubber bracelets, the kind you wear to show solidarity for a cause, like the yellow “LiveStrong” bands that the Lance Armstrong Foundation offers to fight cancer.

I’ve never seen anything like this at a funeral before, and this funeral director was kind enough to let me take one of each color. These bands featured different sentiments associated with the various colors. Each band also had the web site address for the family-owned French Mortuary, The site features online memorial pages for each funeral they hold. Here were the colors and the sentiments:

Purple: Journey

Violet: Happiness

Blue: Joy

Green: Inspiration

Orange: Hope

Black: Remember

Has anyone else seen these wristbands offered at a funeral? Something new to note!

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