Poker Players Provide Widow with Supportive Community

Jul 13, 2010 | 0 comments

On the CBS Evening News on Monday, July 12, Steve Hartman did a really nice story about ways to remember a loved one who has died. His story is titled “Keeping a Poker Player’s House Full – The Death of Russell Hughes Didn’t End Poker Night at His Home – and That’s Just How His Grieving Widow Wants It.”

“Jo Anne Hughes is a 58-year-old widow from Dallas, Texas, with a story to tell about losing a spouse way too early – and that fine line you have to walk between moving on and never forgetting,” he introduced the piece.

The story reveals that six years after his death, his poker playing buddies continue to come to the house, and talk with Jo Anne for about 20 minutes before going upstairs to the poker room for their weekly game.

It just goes to show that a supportive community is important when a loved one dies. It’s not about their stuff, which passes away as well.

A Good Goodbye