Crop of TV Shows About Death

Apr 18, 2010 | 0 comments

The TV writer for the Denver Post, Joanne Ostrow, just did a great article on a host of television programs coming to the tube in the next few weeks that deal with the subject of death.

The article, titled “In TV’s many lenses, death is ready for its close-up,” she writes about a bevvy of programs coming up:

“Time to Say Goodbye,” a new end-of- life religion special from CBS, features an overnight visit in a Florida hospice.

“You Don’t Know Jack: The Life and Deaths of Jack Kevorkian” is an HBO original film starring Al Pacino as the right- to-die activist known as “Dr. Death.”

“When Families Grieve,” a soothing resource from Sesame Workshop on PBS with Katie Couric as host, aims to help families cope with a death of a parent.

Recently shown: “The Suicide Tourist” on PBS’s “Frontline” followed an American to Switzerland five months after being diagnosed with ALS and weighed the matter of assisted suicide.

And there are more shows on the way.

Who else out there is a big fan of “Six Feet Under”? I think my favorite episode was the one where the biker Santa met his demise on the way to a store gig, and all his biker friends came to the funeral.

A Good Goodbye