March 6: Historic Fairview Cemetery Volunteer Clean Up

Feb 24, 2021 | 0 comments

Volunteers clean up HFCVolunteers to Clean Up Historic Fairview Cemetery

Want to volunteer your time to make a difference in your community? Historic Fairview Cemetery, established in Albuquerque, NM in 1881, is maintained by a local nonprofit organization. On Saturday morning, March 6, starting at 10:00 a.m., volunteers will help clean up a section of the cemetery by weeding and picking up trash.

Gardening/weeding is great exercise, with built-in social distancing! Wear sunscreen, a hat, long sleeves and sturdy shoes. Bring work gloves and tools such as a weed whacker, hoe, and garden clippers if you have them. Water and trash bags will be provided. You can learn some history of Albuquerque in the process.

A Little History

As more people came to Albuquerque at the turn of the 20th century, either to start a new life or to find the cure at a Tuberculosis Sanitorium, more area for burials was needed. The old part of the cemetery seems to have developed in a “little here and a little there,” not in a planned manner. During the early 1900’s, many who had come to Albuquerque for its sunshine and fresh air did not make it and ultimately died from TB. The records show grave after grave listing this devastating disease as the cause of death. Many of those who died were poor and buried in pauper graves right next to those who were the known in society as wealthy socialites, merchants, governors, Buffalo soldiers, as well many who served our country in the military. TB and death showed no mercy; making it a sad time for all stricken by this disease. (Thanks to historian Susan Schwartz.)

Please let us know if you’ll come out. “Like” the Historic Fairview Cemetery Facebook Page and sign up at this event page!

Questions? Contact Gail Rubin through this page.

New Developments

Boy Scout Dillon Byrd has made putting up road signs within Historic Fairview Cemetery his Eagle Scout project. He approached our nonprofit organization proposing to install permanent street signs in the cemetery. He will raise the funds for the signs, have metal street signs made, and install the signs on poles set in concrete throughout the cemetery. Here is a map of the cemetery, with the new road names indicated.

Fairview Road Name Map

A Good Goodbye