The Styx Chyx AfterParty with Peter Callan

Feb 5, 2020 | 0 comments

The Styx Chyx, Thea and Emily, hold an AfterParty in Santa Fe at the Berardinelli McGee Life Event Center. The special guest speaker is Peter Callan, author of “Prepare to Die!!! And Other Stuff Nobody Told You.”

Watch the video and learn about preparing for end-of-life issues.

The Styx Chyx AfterParty with Peter Callan

Among the topics covered:

  • POAs, the different kinds of Power of Attorney documents that are helpful when facing disability and death.
  • How a codicil, an addendum to a will, can make a change at less cost than hiring an attorney to change the will.
  • Disposition options such as green burial and donating a body to science.
  • The money-saving power of preplanning and possibly prepaying your funeral arrangements.
  • What a DNR, Do Not Resuscitate, order can mean, and how it can be ignored.
  • How many death certificates to order (Hint: more than you think you’ll need).
  • Real estate and Transfer on Death Deeds (TODD).
  • How long the probate process can take.
  • A review of The Five Wishes form.

Learn more about The Styx Chyx at Get Peter Callan’s book, Prepare to Die!!! from Amazon through this link.

Peter Callan and The Styx Chyx
Peter Callan and The Styx Chyx, (L) Thea and (R) Emily
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