Introducing the “Dump-A-Drawer” Way to Declutter

Jan 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Drawer of StuffOverwhelmed by clutter every time you open a drawer, a cabinet or a closet? Try Gail Rubin’s “Dump-A-Drawer” approach to decluttering!

Frustrated that I couldn’t find a specific item in my desk drawer due to an abundance of clutter, this approach helped clear the frustration in a jiffy.

Step 1: Remove the drawer with its contents inside.

Step 2: Dump the contents of the drawer into a cardboard box.

Step 3: Pick out the items that you actually use, need or want (it’s a remarkably small percentage).

Step 4: Donate the items in the box to a charity.

Step 5: Put the cleaned out, pared down drawer back in your desk, dresser or kitchen cabinet, with the items you are keeping neatly arranged.

Step 6: Smile every time you open the drawer and see how organized and clean it is.

This works with office spaces as well as personal spaces. I just used it to clean out the glove compartment in my automobile. It’s especially great for releasing those promotional items that tend to proliferate and contribute to clutter.

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