Videos: Discussing Cremation and COVID-19

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Talking Cremation with J.P. DiTroia

J.P. Di Troia knows cremation. He is President of U.S. Columbarium and Fresh Pond Crematory in Middle Village, Queens, NY and has worked there since 1967. Fresh Pond Crematory was first built in 1884. It’s the oldest continually operating crematory in the United States. He recently spoke with Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death®, pioneering death educator and the coordinator of the Before I Die NM Festival.

These two short video conversations cover the rising cremation rate and related issues. The first video includes a short history of cremation in the United States; the challenge of arranging funerals in the New York City area during the peak of the pandemic in spring of 2020; the importance of giving cremated remains a permanent final resting place; the need to honor stillborn babies and other babies that die; and the Missing In America Project, which takes the unclaimed cremated remains of veterans and gives them a permanent placement in veterans’ cemeteries.

Interview One

Talking Cremation with JP Di Troia: Part One

Interview Two

In the second part of the conversation, J.P. talks about the FEMA funeral assistance funds available for families with loved ones who died of COVID-19 and how to apply for reimbursement of up to $9,000; reiterating the importance of giving cremated remains a permanent final resting place, either by burial, placement in a columbarium niche, or scattering (keepsakes of part of the remains are always an option); the 9/11 Memorial they are creating at Fresh Pond; and why it’s a good idea to have a gathering or wake, so you don’t have to re-live a loss with multiple people over the course of days and weeks.

Talking Cremation with JP Di Troia Part Two

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