Radio Show Ponders the Moment of Death

Aug 20, 2015 | 0 comments

To the Best of Our KnowledgeRecently, the public radio program To The Best of Our Knowledge aired a fascinating program called “Death: The Last Moment.” It was actually a re-airing of a show that first ran in 2014. Death never goes out of style.

This hour-long series of interviews explores the medical, spiritual and psychological questions about the moment of death. One hospice worker shares the story of how her fear of sickness and death turned to wonder at the mystery of our final moments. A Buddhist chaplain talks about preparing – now – to meet our final moments mindfully.

To the Best of Our Knowledge Last MomentAlso, as resuscitation science makes it ever-more possible for us to bring back people whose hearts have stopped, we take a look at the growing scientific debate over near-death experiences. Do these extraordinary experiences reveal a transcendent reality, or are they simply the biochemical product of a brain that’s shutting down?

The program also examines scientific explanations of Near-Death Experiences and whether hallucinogens can help terminally ill people overcome anxiety about death.

Listen to all the stories in this program online at the website for To The Best of Our Knowledge. The page includes links to interesting books, audio transcripts and videos.


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