Video: Online Funeral Planners Help Budget Expenses

Feb 10, 2014 | 0 comments

It is such a relief to be prepared before there’s a death in the family. Sure, when someone dies, you’re sad, but you don’t have to be extra-stressed on top of grief. That’s why preneed funeral planning is such a gift.

The first episode of the TV interview series A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die looks at the many elements of preneed funeral planning. Guests Barbara Stewart and Mark Ballard, both with FRENCH Funerals-Cremations, join host Gail Rubin to talk about how to make the funeral planning process easier by planning ahead.

FRENCH has an online pre-planning form where people in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho can take their time exploring different options and selecting the best arrangements to fit preferences and budgets., with “Everything you need to know about funerals and planning,” has an online planner that anyone in the country can access for free to get a “quick plan” estimate of high and low range costs in four simple steps. In this video from A Good Goodbye TV, you can get a sense of funeral cost price ranges. You’ll see how easy it is to put more detailed wishes on file as well. Gail shares examples of her own plans.

A Good Goodbye TV: Online Funeral Planning

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go TV interviews on A Good Goodbye TV cover a lot of information most folks don’t know about until faced with a death in the family. By planning ahead and having a conversation families can:

  • reduce stress at a time of grief
  • minimize family conflict
  • save money and
  • create a meaningful, memorable good goodbye.

Each 25-minute episode provides valuable insights into funeral planning issues. From pre-need planning to grief counseling, financial issues to the latest trends in death care, these interviews offer eye-opening insights into the party no one wants to plan.

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A Good Goodbye