Options for Cremated Remains: A Good Goodbye TV

Apr 2, 2014 | 0 comments

Cremation opens the door to many different options for families when it comes to keeping the cremated remains of a loved one around the house.

In this segment from A Good Goodbye TV, host Gail Rubin discusses options for cremated remains with Tom Antram, president and CEO of FRENCH Funerals-Cremations and Buck Dyck, FRENCH location manager. This episode was all about cremation issues.

Among the options discussed are artful urns, glass paperweights and pendants, and other memorial jewelry. The artistic urns and jewelry shown are featured at ShineOnBrightly.com. “Thumbies,” which incorporate a fingerprint of the deceased (prior to cremation), are another memorial option.

A Good Goodbye TV: Options for Keeping Cremated Remains

And if you don’t want to put the remains in a cemetery, a few other options include working the remains into concrete reef balls to improve the marine environment, incorporating cremains into fireworks, and having them shot into space on commercial space flights from New Mexico. There are lots of other creative options!

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