Jeff Harbeson of Funeral Finance Interviewed on A Good Goodbye TV

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Jeff Harbeson, Funeral Finance LLC

Jeff Harbeson, Funeral Finance LLC

This week’s episode of A Good Goodbye TV focuses on the costs of funerals and memorial services and the different ways to pay, either in advance or at-need.

Jeff Harbeson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Funeral Finance LLC, is the special guest interviewed on this show, which starts airing on Albuquerque’s Comcast Cable system on Monday.

If you don’t do funeral planning BEFORE there’s a death in the family, sticker shock may set in when you start making funeral arrangements.

Jeff Harbeson provides great information on topics such as:

  • The Funeral Rule established by the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers.
  • The price list cost breakdown that funeral homes are required to provide to consumers.
  • What options exist for a family to pay for a funeral.
  • Advice for ordinary consumers who find themselves in a financial quandary when there’s a death in the family.
  • How to be prepared financially to manage funeral costs.

This episode also features a tour through an infographic from about the many choices to consider about options for paying for funerals: insurance (pre-need, final expense or whole life insurance?), cash on hand, credit cards, or borrowing money. These choices are discussed in-depth during this program.

A Good Goodbye TV is an educational and entertaining 12-episode series of 30-minute programs with expert interviews on “everything you need to know before you go.” Host Gail Rubin brings a light touch to a serious subject. Like her award-winning book, A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die, the television program covers information most people don’t know about until faced with a death in the family. The four-DVD set is available for $24.99.  Add to Cart

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