Radio Interview: Prepare to Die!!!

Mar 12, 2015 | 0 comments

Peter CallanWith humans having a 100% mortality rate, but only 25% of adults making end-of-life plans, three-quarters of our population are going to be in for a rude shock when death takes a life.

The latest A Good Goodbye Radio interview on features Peter Callan, author of one book with two different titles and cover art: Prepare to Die!!! and Other Stuff Nobody Told You and Preparing for the Inevitable. Both books provide down-to-earth information about creating must-have documents such as a will, Power of Attorney, and advance medical directives. The books also touch on pet trusts, memorial services, how many death certificates to order, and other details to know.

“Something in writing is better than nothing at all,” said Callan, noting that states and counties have different requirements. He is a certified paralegal, and stated that he is not dispensing legal advice.

On his thirtieth birthday, Peter Callan could not count on both hands how many funerals he had attended for friends he had lost in a modern world full of calamities. Soon after his fortieth birthday, that same reality started to hit closer to home with the loss of immediate family members.

After decades of observing good people battling enormous grief and not having even basic knowledge of the radical importance of some very essential paperwork and other realities around death, Peter returned to University and earned a Paralegal Certification with the purpose of writing this ‘Best Selling Workbook’ so that he might help others with meaningful suggestions for Life’s Tool Box.

A survivor with a grateful heart, Mr. Callan focuses on evolving as an educator regarding end-of-life issues, sharing vital information with others on the path.

Prepare to Die coverPreparing for the Inevitable cover Which cover do you prefer? The horror movie poster styled one on the left, titled Prepare to Die!!! and Other Stuff Nobody Told You, or the peaceful sunset over the ocean on the right, titled Preparing for the Inevitable?

You can order either version online at

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