“Ask A Mortician” Caitlin Doughty on A Good Goodbye Radio

Sep 27, 2013 | 2 comments

“Ask A Mortician” Caitlin Doughty’s sensational YouTube videos include amusing, fact-based commentaries on “Dangerous Corpses,” “Pet Death,” “Talking to Your Kids About Death,” “Scientific Donation,” “Corpse Poo,” “Exploding Caskets” and much more. What else could you learn from her?

Caitlin Doughty, Ask a Mortician

Caitlin Doughty, Ask a Mortician

“With death, ignorance is fear,” Doughty said. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with being interested in mortality and death. Death is where every single one of us will end up. To feign disinterest in such a fundamental thing is denial, plain and simple.”

Caitlin Doughty joins host Gail Rubin on A Good Goodbye Radio on Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:00 p.m. ET/3:00 p.m. PT to talk about staring death in the face – and laughing.

Topics include:

  • How to stare down the fear of death and address death anxiety
  • What topics prompt the most questions about the funeral business
  • A growing interest in natural burial and home funerals
  • What the process of embalming involves
  • How to start a funeral planning conversation with recalcitrant family members.

Listen to the recording of the interview:

Caitlin Doughty founded The Order of the Good Death in January of 2011 with the goal of bringing the realistic discussion of death back into popular culture. Her first job in the funeral industry was as a crematory operator, burning bodies by day and reading death theory by night.  She has worked as a funeral arranger, a body van transport driver, and currently works as a licensed funeral director/mortician in Los Angeles, CA.

A Good Goodbye is an entertaining and educational 60-minute online radio show on “everything you need to know before you go.” Upcoming programs will feature estate planning issues with retired probate judge Merri Rudd, author of Life Planning in New Mexico (Oct. 9), Katy Butler, author of Knocking on Heaven’s Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death (Oct. 23), and Stephanie West Allen, founder of Create a Great Funeral Day (Oct. 30).

A Good Goodbye covers a wide range of critical information most people don’t consider until there’s a death in the family. Host Gail Rubin brings a light touch to a serious subject and presents expert interviews on funeral planning issues with practical insights into the party no one wants to plan.

By planning ahead and having a conversation, families can reduce stress at a time of grief, minimize family conflict, save money and create a meaningful, memorable “good goodbye.” Sign up for a free planning form and get more information at www.AGoodGoodbye.com.

Ask a Mortician- Exploding Caskets


Gail Rubin, funeral planning expert and Celebrant

Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death®

Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death®, is author of the award-winning book, A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die. Host of A Good Goodbye television series and Internet radio show, she is also a Certified Celebrant, funeral planning consultant and a popular speaker who uses humor and films to get the funeral planning conversation started. Rubin is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling and the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. Her website is www.AGoodGoodbye.com.

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