Funeral for Ruth Mildred Border

Nov 9, 2010 | 0 comments

Funeral for Ruth Border

Ruth Mildred Border’s family put together a nice funeral for a loving mother, grandmother, and wife. In the chapel of the funeral home, her body rested in an open casket adorned with a red carnation flower arrangement while members of the family took turns speaking.

She was born on a farm in Montana, and attended a school that had 15 students in 12 grades with one teacher. As a young woman, she worked in a bank in Bozeman, where she met her future husband. They had three sons in three years, and a daughter. The family moved around, living in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Ruth was eulogized by her husband, children and two granddaughters. She was remembered as a great cook who made apple and cherry pies from scratch. She was a simple, direct, wonderful person who loved talking about baseball. She was a working woman in the 1940s who enjoyed her independence. She was born during the Great Depression and died at the age of 78 during the Great Recession.

She wasn’t really a religious woman, but one of her sons read the 23rd Psalm and a granddaughter read a passage from Corinthians II: 1-9 about getting a new body and eternal home in heaven.

Ruth’s body will be buried in the Santa Fe National Cemetery, where her husband said, “There’s a spot reserved for me.” After the funeral, the family invited attendees to a restaurant to eat and talk further about a much-loved mom.

May the memory of Ruth Mildred Border live on in the hearts of her family and friends.

P.S. – If you are pulling your own memorial service together, please remember to start the proceedings with an announcement to turn off or silence all cell phones. Over the course of the 35-minute funeral, several cell phones went off and that unfortunately detracted from the proceedings.

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