Here is a sampling of Mortality Minute programs for your review. Scroll down the page to see a listing of scripts available.

Each recording has 10 seconds of music bed for your radio station to provide a sponsorship message.

Video versions of Mortality Minute spots are also available for your website and other online uses. Check out the example below, produced for Waldman Funeral Care in Houston, TX.

Contact Gail Rubin at 505.265.7215 to discuss utilization of Mortality Minute programs.

Buying a Burial Plot

Cemetery Costs

Death Cafes

Shopping Around

Current Script Topics:

Five Things
Shopping Around
Cremation Rates
Funeral Finances
Pet Loss
Medical School Plan B
Cemetery Costs
Living & Dying Large
The Funeral Rule
Funeral Etiquette
Social Media
Personalizing Memorial Services
Obituary Writing
Embalming is Optional
Thank You Notes
Online Obituaries
Who Gets to Speak?
Buying a Burial Plot
Avoid Identity Theft of the Dead
Death Cafes

Buying Burial Plots: Waldman Funeral Care Mortality Minute
A Good Goodbye